lundi 20 septembre 2010

Music is love

Music is one of my language of love.
I was born in a musician family where music was played almost days and nights.
Worship christian music and other kind of style of music.

For every trip I've made all around the world I had/have my music, for every moment, every meeting I have the music that goes with it.....I have a song for a friends to tell them I love them, I have a song for a place that brings back memories, I have a song to danse, to sing load in my room and jump on my bed.

Music is not my God, but God created music and I use it to worship him and enjoy life trough this ! This song of Billie Holiday reminds me of the movie : "Forever young" with Mel Gibson I watched so many times when I was younger, it reminds me my teens years and most of it, speak to me about love, loving someone with true love, forever until you lose your mind for the one you love ahah ! I'm being romantic tonight, but nothing weird ay ! French are romantic all the time, we were made this way anyway..... ; )

So enjoy it for me....this song is dedicated to everyone who has feel this kind of love even if its once in a lifetime !
Love is a good feeling that comes from God : )

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